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Core Cutting

Core cutting is usually used in conjunction with other methods of demolition. It is used for taking out test samples of concrete from various types of structures and for making cavities through RCC where other types of systems are not feasible due to various constraints. We undertake Core cutting for concrete cores of sizes ranging from 20 mm to 300 mm in diameter and 50 mm to 2500 mm long using diamond core cutters.



Concrete breaking is used for creating spaces by demolition of structures, which are no more required. We undertake to demolish mass reinforced concrete, PCC, Masonry or rock etc using our specialized vibration free equipment and experienced teams.



Demolition work generates large amount of cement and associated dust particles. Situations where dust level in the atmosphere is required to be controlled, we undertake to utilize our Mobile dust suppression fog equipment. This can suppress the dust up to area of 40 meters and provides oscillations within 300 degrees.



Periodic Inspection of sewer, drainage, fresh and waste water pipes is required to ascertain their health and to carry out assessment for repair or replacement. We undertake safe inspection of any underground narrow environment. Designed specifically for use in drains and pipe lines our high resolution colour inspection camera will suit a variety of inspection jobs.