Engineered Silent Demolitions

It is systematic method of bringing down the structure in an order that is exactly opposite to its construction. The selection of equipments depends on the location, size, placement of structure & the budget for the job. The other vital governing factors are permissible vibrations, noise levels & dust control.

Demolition means tearing down, destruction, breakup, razing or removal of the whole or part of a building or structure, or of free standing machinery or equipment that is directly related to the function of the structure.

Demolition is carried out in following circumstances: When the structure has become dilapidated & redevelopment is required, to renovate/modify the existing structure or when the structure has lived its useful life and has lost its structural properties.
Demolition is reverse of construction or can be called as de-construction. 

In the context of physical Construction, deconstruction is the selective dismantlement of building components, specifically for re-use, recycling, and waste management. The building is slowly taken apart and as much material as possible is salvaged for reuse elsewhere.

Deconstruction is classified into two Types: They are Non-Structural methods and Structural method.

Non-Structural Method: Dismantling of Doors,windows, flooring and appliances
Structural Method: Dismantling of Beams, columns, floors, walls.

We primarily undertake structural deconstruction. The process involves careful study of structural stability of the structure and its behavior during the process of demolition to avoid any type mishap. The process involves following steps.

Process of Structural De-construction or demolition: 

RC Slab: 

RC Slab In solid single span slabs, the direction of the main reinforcement should be determined. The slab is cut in strips parallel to the main reinforcement and demolished strip by strip. For slabs spanning in two directions, a modified technique, taking account of the type of support provided, may need to be developed.

RC Beam : For removal of RC Beam it is ensured that all loads, other than the self-weight, are removed from beam. The beams are secured before cutting and cut and lowered using appropriate mechanism.

RC Column: 

For removal of RC Column all loads other than the self weight, are removed from column. It is secured using guy ropes to prevent unintentional collapse in the wrong direction and finally for pulling column over and shifted to suitable location.

RC Wall:

For RC wall removal all loads, other than self-weight, are removed from wall. The slots are cut in wall it is supported and removed following the above procedures.

Depending upon the location and availability of space for demolition suitable concrete cutting equipments among Floor saw , wall saw, wire saw, hydraulic breakers are utilized.
We strictly adhere to various Statutory and environmental guidelines during the process of demolition.

Advantages of Silent Demolitions using Diamond Cutting Equipments

The Silent Demolitions using various Diamond Cutting Equipments offers following advantages over other demolitions methodologies.

Time and Manpower

It is fast hence demolition project can be executed within definite short time frame.
The procedure needs fewer operators, which avoids various issues such as safety, security and administrative requirements of manpower. It cuts reinforcement bars and other metals removing need for separate work.

Dimensional tolerance

It gives precise cuts to the structure giving clean finish and reducing rework on structures in case of renovation.

Structural integrity

The entire process is Vibration free . Therefore it is possible to remove large amounts of concrete while maintaining structural integrity.

Noise, Dust and Debris

The process is non-disruptive to surrounding operations. It is relatively quiet and dust free. We use additional dust suppression devices if needed for further reduction of dust. The large bulk can be removed without reducing to smaller pieces.


With the state of the art equipments with remote operations provides possibility of cuts in close spaces, underwater operations and can easily cut around existing fixtures and equipment ensuring safety of manpower and structure.

Summary of Cost-Benefit Analysis

AspectConventional Method by Scrap dealersProfessional Demolition Hydraulic Jaw Crushers Method
Number of workers Very high, approximately 100Very small work force involved in actual exec
TimeLong and uncertain, Min.
180 to 200days.
Short and assured, not
exceeding 60 days.
Quality of workLow quality. Due to manual
impact. All the decisions are
by rule of thumb.
High Quality. There are
definite calculations about
the volume of work, cost of
demolition, transportation &
credit for the scrap recovery
Vibration, dust and noiseVery High of work execution
as well as large number of
personnel. Work likely to be
hindered due to intervention
by neighboring agencies
affected by heavy dust and
Within permissible limits of
below 80dB at 10 m. This
also will manifest in very
low risk of hindrance from
neighbourhood intervention.
We are also equipped with
dust suppression
Risk of Injury and liabilityVery high, due to large
number of work force
involved in physical work.
It is a slow work in piece
meals & many times a crude
method of puncturing the
columns at the bottom &
toppling the structure
is employed to have access
to higher floors with the
small excavators mounted
with the rock breakers.
Every operation has its own
risk factors.
The person at the job must
have knowledge of structural
behavior by his actions at
the bottom.
Low, as work is carried out
by equipment and operator
is working from safe
distance through a safe
The structural integrity of
the structure is not
disturbed at any moment of
time during the demolition
due to mechanised
Our Engineers have
extensive experience and
knowledge of structural
behavior which is reflected
by credentials.
Convenience and need for support system Inconvenient due to manual
and large workforce
involvement, hence need for
large support system
needed for long duration at
Not much workforce
involved and job is
executed quickly hence
small infrastructure needed
for short duration.
Removal of debris Difficult as very small pieces
of debris are spread all
around site which will be
removed manually. Also
from high rise structures it
will involve physical labour.
Large pieces of concrete
and masonry which will be
removed by cranes.
Capital committed by agency for demolitionNegligible assets committed
at site due to manual nature
of work.
Crores of rupees of high
technology equipment
engaged in demolition
Commitment towards fulfillment of assigned jobLow. The commitment likely
to decline. As work
progresses as the rate of
return to scrap dealer
reduces and consequently
the interest in the completion
of the task. Also due to rule
of thumb calculations if it is
found at later stage that
project is not going as per
expectation there is all likely
hood of incomplete job.
Full. All expensive
equipment is engaged in
the work for completion of
job, and professional
calculations and
estimations give precise
returns on work execution.
Revenue loss due to
delay in execution
Long time span and
uncertain commitment of
completion. Thus uncertainty
about commencement of
later stage of project. May
result in delay in revenue
Short time span and
assured completion
commitment will ensure site
clearance and
commencement of next
stage of project as per plan.
Revenue generation will
commence much earlier as
project completion period is
Risk due to Demolition
Methodology for high
rise structures
Physical involvement of
large number of workmen
with jack hammer on top of
tall structure increases Risk to them by many fold.
A High Reach Combicrusher boom has reach
upto 27 m. Entire work is
carried out from the ground level with single Operator
from safe distance.
Social Impact of high
Conventional methods are
not new and excessive
manpower involvement may
lead to labour issues.
From our past experience
where ever we have
executed demolition work
including Mumbai and Pune
our high tech machinery
attracted public
attention/media attention.
Since we will be using our
high technology first time in
Nagpur there is all
likelihood of media attention
to this job & we are sure it
will send positive signals in
the market for all of us on
using high-tech equipments
for this demolition.
CostLow Economic cost
Major work force is manual
& few types of equipment
the demolition cost is bound
to be on lower side. More
over every item recovered
from the building including
bricks may be sold from the
premises over the longer
period looking for the better
offers. It fetches better price
scrap dealers by setting up a
shop at the premises itself.
High Economic cost
But overall it will be gained
through better brand image,
social impact and reduced
and assured work
execution. Thus high
economic cost will be
compensated through lower
social & environmental
cost, lower risk, lower time
frame and assured
completion and not to
mention peace of mind.

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