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Video Gallery of Our High Class Demolition Services


ATC Demolish

Due to difficulties with the old air traffic controller, there was a problem in the operation of large aircraft. Matte & Associates has started demolishing the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport's old Air Traffic Control tower at Marol. This work was finished in a few months.


Dhankuni Bridge Recycling


Diamond Wire Sawing

A wire saw is a versatile tool for cutting through an unusual section of structure where no other technique is feasible to be used. This is ideally suited for underwater operations such as cutting of pipelines, canals, dams & big concrete sections etc.


Wall and Floor Track Sawing

Combined these methods are useful for cutting any type or location of concrete structures. We undertake cutting of variety of RCC structures such as RCC slabs, Beams, Columns, roads, Runways, bridges needing our specialized expertise. Our powerful diamond saws can reach up to depth of 900 mm even at constrained spaces or on top of high-rise structures.


Textile Application


DDR Crusher


Combi Crusher

Rel Clippings